Bill Gates says he won’t leave the mansion in London for another 20 years

Bill Gates, who recently passed away at age 94, said Wednesday he would not leave his sprawling estate in California for another decade, but that he would look into renting a place elsewhere.In an interview with The Associated Press, Gates said he had long planned to retire from his role as Microsoft’s chairman and chief

How to Make a Super Bowl Halftime Show on Your Home TV with an 8-bit Game Console

Posted November 25, 2018 08:48:22Hyatt House is an American hospitality company based in Atlanta, Georgia.They specialize in providing food and entertainment for families and guests of all ages.They’re known for their “Game Console” line of portable consoles.The “Game” in this case is the 8-Bit, which is basically a “video game” for 8- to 16-bit hardware.You

What to expect from the House of Anubis live coverage on the Hacker News channel

What’s in store for the House Of Anubis on Tuesday?First up, there will be a live show with some guests.In addition, the House will be live streamed via the Hacker Live Blog.This will be the first live streaming event for the house in a while, as there are currently no live streams available for the

When the Barbie House Party is at the Bottom of the Pool: ‘I Wish I Had a House’

I love a good party.I’m a party animal, and I’ll spend hours watching and waiting for my friends and family to show up.And when I’m not dancing, I’m eating a healthy diet, enjoying life and making new friends.But when the house party rolls around, I’ll sometimes wonder if I could just move in and start

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