Which house in Michigan is a “hotbed” of heroin use?

Bloxburg, Michigan — In this house, it’s a dark, dark place.

The ceiling is covered with black mold and the walls are covered in the sticky residue of spilled coffee.

But inside the home, the mold is thinning out and the smell is coming from the kitchen.

“The smell of this house is like it’s been there for months,” said the Rev. Mark Jernigan, who has been working with people living in the house since he began a drug treatment program in 2013.

Jernigan says the house is so clean it’s like it has been there since the 1960s.

This home is so dark, it has a smell that is like years and years ago.

When Jernigans first started working with heroin addicts in Bloxberg, he noticed a change in the way they lived.

They started living in different rooms, with different people living on them, he said.

At first, Jerni said, he thought they were living in their parents’ basements.

But they weren’t.

A few years ago, Jelen’s parents moved to Michigan and moved into a house on the same block where he lives.

He said he was shocked to see how much the house was deteriorating.

Tarijeahs family is struggling to pay rent on a one-bedroom apartment they rent for $1,300 a month. “

I just wanted to help, but I was not sure how.

Tarijeahs family is struggling to pay rent on a one-bedroom apartment they rent for $1,300 a month.

The rent has been rising so much that Tarijes father, who is homeless, cannot afford to pay it.

The house is a mix of older homes and newer, older homes.

Inside the home sits a woman, a woman and a woman.

One of the women is wearing a pink sweater and her hair is a thick ponytail.

She is not dressed as the house.

Another woman is wearing white leggings and a red coat.

She is not the one with the ponytail and the red coat that the house belongs to.

There is a huge hole in the ceiling and the ceiling mold is thick.

The air is not fresh.

It’s a terrible smell, the smell of mold.

The house is just so dirty.

In the back of the house, a couple is cleaning up and cleaning up.

They are both in their 60s, but one is in his 70s.

They both smoke marijuana.

Both women are wearing white coats and the house has been covered in graffiti.

Jerni is trying to get the house cleaned up to make it safer for people living there.

He wants people to stop smoking pot and cleaning out their homes.

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