Why you’re about to be told you can’t go to a ‘safe house’ in your area

By now, you’ve probably seen how much it costs to rent a place to stay in your city.

That includes hotels, motels, and apartments.

And if you’re in a rental situation, you probably also know how expensive it can be to rent out a place, especially if you can find a cheaper place.

And it’s not just hotels that get in the way.

Some areas of the country have laws that make it a crime to rent an apartment in a “safe house” that is a “public nuisance.”

The law’s been in place since 2010 and requires any “residential facility” to be a “secure location,” meaning that it’s locked and is out of the public view.

It’s a catch-all phrase for any place that’s not a public place.

A few years ago, the city of Austin was sued for violating the law when it allowed people to rent apartments in a house they found in their backyard.

And some residents have gotten in trouble with the law for doing just that.

Here’s how you can avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

When you’re renting, you can check the legal requirements for your rental.

For example, it might be legal to rent in a private residence, or you might be able to rent from a home-sharing program.

You might also be able use a hotel or motel for a short-term rental, but that’s illegal in Austin.

A house in your backyard, or a place you’re considering renting in your hometown, should be a safe space.

So if you need a place for your family or a date night, you should check with your rental agent.

The rules vary by state, but most rental agencies will require you to check with the agency where you live to find out what you’re getting into.

Here are some common rules for renting: Do not rent a unit from a person who’s not your “resident.”

The person who is living there is the “real” tenant, and the rent is solely paid by the owner of the property.

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