Cliff house owner says it’s too cold for him to leave home

Cliff house owners have begun using a new method to keep warm at home.

They’re using the roof to protect them from the elements, and a roof-mounted heater is being tested to keep the house warm in winter.

But for the owner of the Cliff house, the heater is a luxury he can no longer afford.

“It’s too hot to be living on,” he said.

The roof is an indoor heating system.

When the house gets too hot it has to be removed to prevent it from overheating and possibly causing problems with the heating system, and it’s also too hot for the roof itself to be used.

So Cliff House owners have been using a roof heater to keep their home warm.

“I just think that’s the right way to go, but the people that live there have to use it because the roof is so big, so it’s really tough to move around and do a lot of things,” said Bob Lue.

For Bob, it’s not just a practical solution, but it’s the best way to keep his family warm in the summertime.

“The roof-hanging heater just has to do what it needs to do to keep us warm,” he added.

A small number of homeowners are now using roof-lamp heaters in their homes.

The owner of Cliff House said it’s a solution that’s going to keep him warm for the rest of the winter.

“We’re going to have to wait until the end of the year before we can start using it,” he told ABC News.

“This is not a long term solution, we’re going back to a lot more traditional methods that we have in the area, which is to move our house around, to use the heating for the winter.”

The owners hope the roof heater will provide a warm place to rest in the wintertime, and they hope it can become a regular part of the community.

“If it becomes a way of life for us, that’s fine with us, but if we can use the heat and heat it to the benefit of our community, that would be great,” Bob said.

“So I think that would certainly be a great way of supporting our community.”

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