‘You’ll Never See My Son Again’: Former wife, daughter speak out about ‘misunderstanding’ of son

In a recent interview with Fox News, former wife of ex-husband Kevin O’Connor shared details of how her former husband and the man he had been dating at the time of their divorce were trying to change their son’s name to “Kevin.”

Kevin was a middle school student when he was born in 2013.

His mother, Tricia O’Dell, told the network that she and Kevin had been trying to have Kevin’s birth name changed for about two years.

She said she was told that the “real” Kevin O’t Connor was in fact a fake name that Kevin had taken from an online community where people would pretend to be people they were not.

Tricia told the Fox News reporter that when she spoke with her former ex-wife in 2013, she said, “I know you didn’t do this on purpose.

You didn’t just make up a name that didn’t exist.”

She told the interviewer, “He’s been a very loyal husband to me and my kids.

He was always the one to take care of me.

But it just didn’t feel right to him to change it.”

Tricia said she told her former wife, “You’re going to be the first person I look at in the mirror.”

Tricia said that she had tried to convince Kevin to change the name, and that they did it together.

She told Fox News: “It was very difficult because he wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I have to do this.’

I told him I was sorry that I wasn’t the one who made him do it.

I just wanted him to feel better.”

Tracia O’Deell told the New York Times that she believed that Kevin was trying to get her husband to change his name to help him “understand” his son’s gender identity.

Tracia told the Times that the two had been in a “very intense” relationship for the past four years and that Kevin wanted to “fix things.”

Tristan O’Reilly said in a statement that Kevin “didn’t want to be Kevin.”

She said: “The ‘Kevin’ we knew at the beginning of our marriage was not Kevin.

He is not who he claimed to be.

Kevin had no idea what was going on.”

Trish O’Farrell said that her ex- husband was “unbelievably abusive” to her and her children.

Trish said that Kevin repeatedly threatened to kill his wife and children, telling her that he was going to “kill her,” if she told anyone about their relationship.

Tristan said that he would never tell anyone that he had abused her, but she told Fox that he “had no choice.”

Trish told the NY Times that he told her, “My wife and my children were all born with a gender identity disorder.”

Trice O’Connell told the newspaper that her former partner was “trying to kill us.”

She wrote, “We’re terrified that he will hurt us again.”

Trisha O’Donnell, Trish’s daughter, said that “we have all the pieces in our heads of what happened, of what the father did to us.”

Trishes daughter told Fox: “He wanted to change our name.”

Tricah O’Donoghue told the Chicago Tribune that Kevin said he wanted to be named “Kevin” in a video he uploaded to YouTube in February 2014.

Trisha and Kevin O’donghue’s daughter told the Tribune that “they were never told that their child had gender identity disorders or were in danger.”

Traci O’Boyle told the Illinois Tribune that her father, who she said was a “psychopath,” tried to get Tricia to change her son’s birth sex to help his “change.”

Trcia said that Tricia didn’t want her parents to “be the focus of the news.”

Triara O’Brien told the Daily Herald that she was “horrified” by Tricia’s account.

Traci told the Herald that Trisha “never told me that Kevin told her to change Kevin’s name.”

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