How to avoid becoming a haunted house expert

For some players, the biggest challenge is managing expectations and the sheer amount of work required to become a top-level talent.

There’s also the added pressure of being the face of the franchise.

So when it comes to cleaning up the ghosts and ghosts of your old home, how do you stay on top of your game?

In this episode of the Locked On NFL podcast, I ask five former players, coaches and executives to share their best advice on how to be the best in their new jobs.

If you want to be better, it takes a little bit of everything, I’ll be honest.

I think that’s true with everything.

It takes a lot of work and dedication, and I think you have to be willing to go above and beyond and work hard.

I mean, I had a very hard time getting through the last year and a half of my career, but I just tried to do everything I could and go out there and work really hard.

The biggest thing for me is just keeping my head down and being consistent, and just staying in it and doing my best.

The NFL is a business.

There are always going to be people who want to take advantage of that.

You have to learn to recognize when you’re on the losing end and when you have a winning team.

And it’s important to keep working hard.

That’s why I have been working hard all of my life, and when I do have a great season, I want to make sure that I put in the work to be there.

I know I can make some noise and help a team win a championship.

But the main thing for any franchise is the people, so just keep working, keep being consistent and be the guy that everybody wants to be around, be the voice that everybody needs to hear, to know you have.

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