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“I am happy and healthy and in the best shape of my life.

I’m a happy person.

I love my wife, I love our kids and I love everyone in our house.

I am happy.”

– Mike Cernovich (Mike Cernovitz) “I want to thank the President for the advice he gave me.”

– Mark Cerny (Mark Cernys) “There are people who don’t want to work, people who can’t work, but they’re not going to work for less than $15 an hour, so you’re going to get a lot of people who will be happy and productive.”

– Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) “The President has said I’m going to be successful and I want to be in the White House.

I want people to believe in me.

I don’t know what to tell you about the rest of my career.

I just want to make the world a better place.”

– Donald Trump (Donald Trump) “You’re going in with the wrong idea.

I’ve seen the future.

It’s not going well.”

– Ben Carson (Ben Carson) “When I’m President, I’m not going in there thinking, ‘Wow, this is a huge moment.

This is a moment that could transform this country.'”

– Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) “It’s going to look like a lot more people are going to have a hard time getting into the workforce because the barriers are so high, and you’re gonna have to put your education to work.”

– Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) “We are going from the middle class to the very wealthy and the very powerful.”

– Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) “This is the beginning of the end for the political system that has worked so well for so long.

We are going back to the days when the media was free to report the news, where the truth was not the truth.

And you have a situation where we have a president who’s lying to the American people.

And this is the kind of leadership that the American public deserves.”

– Jeb Bush (Jeb Bush) “And I believe that the only way we can be as competitive and as successful in this economy as we can is if we have the kind, the courage and the determination to fight back against a culture of corruption.”

– Rand Paul (Rand Paul) “If we’re not ready to fight for our families, our children, and our future, then what are we going to do?

We’re going back.

We’re not moving.”

– Carly Fiorina (Carly Fiorina) “Every president has a different set of rules, but I think there is one rule that is really important.

And that is to have the courage to say, ‘This is my country.

This’s my time to do what I feel is right.'”

– Marco de Leon (Marco de Leon) “A president who does not care about the American taxpayer is not a good president.

A president who cares about the United States is not the right president.

And a president that is not focused on the people is not going be a good American president.”

– Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders) “For too long, we have had presidents that have focused on their personal agenda.

They have focused solely on their own interests.

I believe we can win the war against the Koch brothers, the Kochs, the billionaires.

I think we can make our country great again.

But we need to be focused on our families and the American taxpayers and the country is not ready for a president with that kind of vision.”

– Hillary Rodham Clinton (Huma Abedin) “My husband is the best of the best, but he’s not perfect.

He has a lot to learn.

But he’s a man that will fight for you, and he will fight to make America great again.”

– Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton)

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