When White House shuts down, it’s a blow to America’s democracy

A White House shutdown is a blow for the American democracy, and the Obama administration is taking advantage of it.

The White House on Monday shut down its Twitter account and its social media accounts, according to Axios, after President Donald Trump used it to retweet racist tweets and comments.

The Trump administration on Monday said in a statement that it “disagreed with the tweet by President Trump that was directed at the @WhiteHouse and @VP.

The President is taking appropriate action.”

The statement added: “We respect the First Amendment.

The president does not have the authority to take such actions.

We have suspended our Twitter accounts.

We are committed to working constructively with our allies and partners to ensure a safe and secure society.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday that the tweets were in response to a reporter’s question about whether Trump had directed him to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Spicer said he had “no idea” whether Trump was directed to fire Comey, though the tweets show that Trump’s tweets were about Comey.

In a series of tweets Monday, Trump praised the response of the FBI.

“FBI Director Comey is a great guy.

The FBI is doing a fantastic job,” Trump tweeted.

“I just wanted to thank him.

He did an amazing job.”

Trump also tweeted that the tweet “was taken out of context,” adding that “the tweets were directed at me.”

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he had directed Comey to fire and was “trying to work it out.”

Spicer confirmed that Trump had ordered Comey to step down in a tweet to reporters on Tuesday.

Spike TV, the network that produces the MSNBC show, tweeted that it would not air the Trump tweets because “they were not appropriate to air on the show.”

“The President is not using the power of the presidency to tweet, and he is not going to tweet again,” Spicer said.

“There are clear limits to what he can do,” Spicer added.

“He has to be restrained and restrained with respect to Twitter.

We will be doing what we have to do.”

Trump has previously used Twitter to vent about the FBI, including during the election campaign.

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