The next big thing in online payment technology? Guest house cookies

Guest house cookie technology may finally have reached the point of commercialisation, with the world’s largest cookie maker announcing today it will begin selling its own cookie-based payment solution in the US, with plans to expand the service to other countries.

The world’s second-largest cookie maker, Ookla, says it will sell its own solution to companies using its platform, and will offer a payment solution for merchants that want to accept cookies in addition to their own.

The announcement comes after months of discussion with other cookie makers, including PayPal, which have been developing payment solutions for cookie-centric businesses.

“We’ve been looking at the future of payments in the digital era for quite some time, and we’ve always found the cookie industry to be an incredibly promising area for our business,” says Jonathan Hock, co-founder and chief executive of Ooklala.

“With our partnership with PayPal, we’re excited to provide our customers with the convenience and speed of PayPal payment while offering a much higher level of security than PayPal currently offers.”

Ooklatal will offer the same secure payment solution as PayPal’s, and says it has been in talks with the bank about partnering.

The cookie-maker says it plans to offer the solution in five to 10 countries in 2019, and has partnered with several others to develop new payments solutions.

Ooklahas payment system, which allows businesses to accept payments using the web, is similar to PayPal’s PaypalPay, and uses the same technology.

It uses a mix of payment processing and tokenisation, and can be used to send payments using mobile or desktop browsers, such as the Google Wallet app.

However, it is not yet possible to send money to an address in your browser using the payment platform, because it is only accessible via the browser’s address bar.

“PayPalPay is the leading online payment solution, and is a great platform for many of our businesses to send cash to,” says Tim McLean, chief operating officer of OOKlala, in a statement.

“However, the cookie market is a different beast altogether.

We are excited to partner with Ookladas payment solution to help businesses get their foot in the door with PayPalPay.

The two of us believe the cookie ecosystem will be worth exploring further.”

Ooks payment platform was first launched in October 2016 and offers a secure, mobile-friendly payment solution.

It is also compatible with PayPal Pay, which can be accepted by almost every browser and mobile device.

Ooks has also partnered with payment service provider Square and credit card processing company TransUnion.

“Today’s announcement confirms our commitment to continue building an industry-leading payment solution that will provide businesses the security and convenience they need to operate,” says Square chief executive Dan Green.

“Our technology is proven and easy to use, and Ooklo has been a trusted partner for over a decade.

This is a major milestone in our mission to provide merchants with the best and most secure online payment options available, and our collaboration with Ooks demonstrates the breadth of our relationship with the company.”

OOKLala is owned by New Jersey-based Digital Currency Group, which has been investing in the cookie sector.

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