How does a beach house in Mumbai fare against other house designs in the city?

When I first bought my first beach house two years ago, it was not as simple as I expected.

I had not visited the island of Goa for quite some time and I was unsure if it would be possible to live in the house I had purchased in Goa.

However, with a new house, and some friends visiting me, I was able to make the house more comfortable.

The first day we were in Goan, I decided to do something completely different.

I started to make a lot of things to decorate the house, which made me realize how much I could grow into my new house. 

In a nutshell, this is what a beachhouse in Mumbai looks like: 1.

The beach house has the typical beach house elements like sand beach, palm trees and water.

This is the main beach house element.


The kitchen and living area are situated on the sand.

The house has an attached patio and the balcony.


The main living area is on the beach.

The front part of the house is attached to the house and has a living room, kitchen and dining area.


There is a living space in the back, which can be accessed by a staircase.


There are three bathrooms, one of which has a private bathroom and the other two have a shower and a bathtub.


There’s a laundry area.


There used to be a swimming pool in the backyard, but now that the pool is gone, the main area has a swimming area. 


The living area has the usual beach house furniture, such as a bed, chair, sofa, desk, and a dining table.


There was a shed in the front and a small living area behind the shed.


There were two bedrooms and a bathroom. 


There have been a couple of storage sheds in the home.


There seems to be an outdoor shower, which I don’t really know how to use but it is there.


There can be some trees in the garden.


There has been a shed with a water tank and a large shed behind it. 15.

There might be a shed behind the main house.


There may be a storage shed in front of the living area.


There will be a laundry basket and storage shed behind a garage.


There won’t be a garden.


There’ll be a house with a lot more stuff in it, such a carport, a pool, a swimming hole, a house garden and more. 


I have made a few changes to the design of the design and the materials. 


The backyard is now attached to a house.


There needs to be some water in the driveway to get the water flowing.


There isn’t a living area to use the backyard.


There need to be storage sheds and a shed at the back.


There should be a carpool lane. 

The house is about 3.5m long and it will be available for rentals, as it is located in Goanyam, Mumbai’s western suburbs. 

My family, who are all Indian, has always loved living in Goans house.

We have lived there since we were children.

We bought the house on the island a few years ago.

Since then, I have always wanted to live somewhere that looked like a beach. 

 Now that I am finally able to do it, I am really excited about living in the beach house.

The layout of the beach is more like a garden, which gives you more space to have a beach day or relax on a hot summer day. 

This is one of the rooms in the Goanyama Beach House. 

Here is the beach in the background. 

1/  The beach house will be offered in Goalam, Thane, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and other parts of Maharashtra.

 2/  It will cost you Rs. 2,000 for the first week. 3/

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