‘What do you do when you can’t find your own waffle house?’

As a result of the pest outbreak, Waffle House and others in the Sydney market have reduced their number of locations by 50 per cent, while others have closed down entirely.

However, with the number of new sightings rising, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is still open for business for waffle houses and other cafes and restaurants.

“Our customers are looking for a wide range of places to eat and drink, and we are working to get as many waffle and breakfast options available as we can,” a spokesperson for Wafflehouse said in a statement.

Sydney Harbour Bridge’s waffle shop is pictured, with some of the eateries now having closed down, while many more are being re-opened.

Photo: Supplied “We have had some great success in opening up new cafes and eateries and some cafes have been able to reopen.”

Waffle House Australia managing director, Chris Stirling, said they were pleased to see a resurgence in the number and type of waffle outlets in Sydney and were “working to close the remaining remaining stores in Sydney”.

“We have seen an increase in the amount of people in the city seeking waffle places and cafes,” he said.

Waffle house owner Peter McBride said the company had “been doing a lot” of work to close down its remaining locations, but the company would not comment further.

“We are extremely fortunate that people are still enjoying our food and beverage and we know that we have had positive feedback from the public,” he told the ABC.

“Our customers want a wide variety of places, from cafes and bars to restaurants, to have all the waffle options and to have a range of different menu options.”

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