How to create your own HYDERABAD HOUSE DESIGN

Hyderabad House Design has been created by Hyderabad based architecture firm, Kalyan Kalyani.

The design project aims to create a home that can be customized to your personal needs and tastes.

The house can be set up to meet your needs, but will also be capable of taking on any design style.

Kalyani says, “I was born and raised in the village of Kalyin in the district of Indiranagar.

We have always lived and worked in a humble, rural manner, and we always looked for ways to improve the environment and lifestyle of the villagers.

We always worked towards building a more sustainable lifestyle and making our lives more comfortable.

In the year 2016, our lives were changed forever when a new development in Kalyini brought us the opportunity to develop this house design.

I was inspired by the design of this house, and decided to create this house to suit my personal needs.”

Kalyan says,The design of the house was developed in a similar manner to the house of lies.

It consists of three main elements: a basement, a first floor and a second floor.

The first floor consists of a large living room, kitchen, bathroom, storage room and an area for storage.

The second floor has a bedroom and a large bathroom.

The kitchen has a large area for cooking and a kitchenette, while the storage room has an open space for storage and a fridge.

The living room and the second floor are set on the ground floor, but the first floor is set on a rooftop.

The rooftop house will be designed to accommodate the views of the lake and the view of the city from the second-floor living room.

Klyani says the house is a collaboration between Kalyanian Architects and Kalyana Homes, who will be constructing the house.

The design for the house will have four levels.

The two upper levels have a loft area and a garage.

The third level has a terrace.

The fourth level is a basement with a kitchen, a storage area and the living room area.

The house is set to open in 2017 and Klyani expects the house to become a tourist attraction, but it also aims to attract people from across the city.KLYANI says, This is the third house we have created in Hyderabad, but I feel that it is the first house that can cater to a diverse community.

It will be a home for the entire community and I am very happy that it has come about through the collaboration between our company and the local authorities.

The project has taken two years and will be completed in 2019.

Hyderabad’s local government, the PPP, will be involved in the project, with a financial contribution of Rs 25 lakh.

The total cost of the project will be Rs 7.5 crore.

The first floor of the design house is designed to be a living room for cooking.

The entire area has a small open space.

The storage area is for the use of the family.

The garage is for storage of food and drink.

The terrace is for a balcony with views over the lake.

The basement is designed for storage as well as for storage in the case of emergency.

The second floor is a kitchen with a living space, a kitchen kitchenette and a storage room.

The bedroom has a bathroom and storage room, and the storage area has an outdoor space for cooking, cooking utensils, and a pantry.

The home is set up for entertaining.

The third floor houses a small terrace area with views of Indira Gandhi Park.

The area is set aside for dining, and is equipped with an outdoor table and a balcony.

The balcony overlooks the lake, and it has a view over the city of Hyderabad from the terrace and is a perfect location for viewing the city skyline.

The fourth floor houses the basement, with storage, a small kitchen, and an outdoor terrace, and has a viewing platform.

The Kalyans hope that the project can be an inspiration for all people living in the city to become more conscious of the environment, and to look for ways of living better.

The idea of the Kalyania House Design is to provide a home in a way that makes you feel at home.

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