‘It’s the best thing ever’: The world’s best video games interview

Polygon is pleased to present a selection of the most amazing interviews from the world’s top video game developers.

These interviews feature some of the worlds best developers, with some of them talking about their favourite titles, as well as what they’ve been up to in their careers.

In this week’s interview, a very special guest will be speaking to a young developer about the game he’s working on, and the developers behind it.

The game he was talking about was a game called ‘Starfox’, a title developed by a small indie studio called Super Crate Box.

Starfox was an early title that went on to become the fastest-selling console game ever in Japan.

Now, thanks to the massive success of ‘StarFox’, a new StarFox game is in development, and it’s an action-packed adventure.

StarFox 2 is out in 2017.

The developers behind ‘Star Fox 2’ talk about why they chose to make this game, what makes the sequel so special, and what they want to make the future of ‘starfox’ so special.

The interview is over, so check back in next week for another episode of our series, as we go deeper into the world of video games and discuss the games that define our gaming culture. 

Read more about ‘Star Wolf’ in Polygon:

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