How to build a house like a samurai

The Japanese have been building house after house for centuries, from a cave to the modern age.

But what about the modern house?

A new house design concept called the “Sushi House” would make that process more palatable for today’s homebuyers, according to architect Michael Pomeranz, who is also the CEO of Sushi House.

The idea is to use a small but powerful design tool to make a house that feels a lot more like a Japanese temple, where the focus is on the design and not the construction, according the house’s website.

Pomerans says that the idea for the “sushi” house came from a recent trip to Japan.

“As a young man, I felt like I wanted to make my home more like home,” he told Quartz.

“The Japanese have this very traditional and traditional concept of making your home look like home.”

Pomeranes team used a number of different materials, from Japanese clay to bamboo to wooden frames to metal.

The design was inspired by the Japanese concept of the house, but was also influenced by contemporary Japanese architecture, such as the modern-day Takasaki Gakuin temple in Tokyo.

“I think the house is meant to be a place where the Japanese are kind of immersed in the idea of making this house and living in it, rather than just being immersed in making the house,” he said.

“If you look at the house design, you’re not just looking at the building of the home, you can see the process that goes into the construction of the houses.”

“The goal is to create a house of an actual Japanese temple that you can walk into and walk out of.”

The idea for “souji” house design came from Pomeranza’s experience in Japan.

He says that he was invited to the home of a friend who was interested in building a house for her, and that he wanted to build something that felt like a real temple, so he set out to create something with a “sour taste.”

In the design, the house takes on a more Japanese feel.

Pomiño says that his team chose a Japanese building material called “seikan” because it felt right for the home.

“There are Japanese buildings where the bricks are so strong that they could be used for a long time,” he explained.

“In that case, the mortar was too weak, so you would end up with this very weak mortar, so that was the idea that we came up with.”

Pomianz says that this is the most important part of the design: the design.

“You have to have the balance between this kind of stone-like material, which is very strong, and the kind of metal you would put it in, which would be much softer,” he says.

“We wanted the house to feel like a temple.”

The house also uses a traditional Japanese style of furniture, but it also uses modern Japanese materials.

The kitchen has a countertop and a round dining table, and a dining area and a counter.

The bedroom features a round wall and two beds that sit on the floor.

The bathroom has a single sink and a single tub, and is connected by a small hallway that leads to the living room.

The home is designed to have a small space between the living area and the kitchen.

“When you look down from the living-room, you don’t see the living space, but the kitchen is kind of like a room that you have,” he added.

“It has a very small space, so when you’re out in the dining room, you look into the kitchen, and then into the living rooms.

You don’t feel like you’re walking through the living spaces.

You’re in the kitchen.”

The home also uses Japanese furniture for its exterior walls.

The floor is made of bamboo, which gives the house a very Japanese feel and helps to hide its structure.

The wall on the living floor has a Japanese motif, and while the walls of the kitchen and bedroom are all wood, the flooring is made from bamboo.

The “soda garden” is made up of bamboo planks, which make up the floor of the living and dining areas.

The house is also designed to look like a modern Japanese temple.

Pomera says that even the exterior of the structure is Japanese.

The temple itself is decorated with traditional Japanese pagoda-style columns, with Japanese characters carved on the roof and walls of it.

The structure is constructed of bamboo slabs that are made up from two bamboo frames, and all of the bamboo is covered in red and green koji mats.

The walls of each of the walls are made of a traditional wooden frame, with koji tiles added to it to make them look more like the temple.

“This is where you find the Japanese influence in the home design,” Pomeranz said.

The sash is made out of bamboo and has a traditional koji motif, as well

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