Why you should live in Mount Goulburn: 7 things you need to know

A mountain house built in 1893 by a local businessman was recently listed for sale in the Queensland City Council.

The property is located on Mount Gourd Bay, about 300 kilometres east of Brisbane.

It was the second home of the family who owned the land in the 1860s.

Read more: The house is listed for $3.4 million and was originally built in 1923 for the late Paul Clements.

It is surrounded by a garden and is surrounded on three sides by the Brisbane River.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guesthouse.

It features a balcony, pool, garden, a poolside terrace and a swimming pool.

A listing agent told the Brisbane Times that the property was “well known for its spectacular beauty”.

The property was sold in August last year to a developer who plans to construct a four-storey residential tower, with the main residence being the main house.

The listing agent said the property could be divided into five areas, each of which could be subdivided.

“The first two are for people to live in, while the rest are for family, friends and neighbours,” the agent said.

“There is also an adjacent property for recreational purposes, a swimming hole and a tennis court.”

The last section is reserved for a community of friends and colleagues, with a large backyard.

The home is also for those who are interested in living close together.

The house was built in 1895. “

This listing is for people who live here and who love the outdoors and nature, and want to experience all that Brisbane has to offer.”

The house was built in 1895.

The architect was Arthur E. Ransford.

It cost $8,000 and has a gated entrance and was designed by Mr Ransfords son, John Ransfield.

He designed the house as a place to retire and enjoyed playing tennis on a nearby tennis court, the ABC reported.

“He was also the only person who could afford to pay for the house and for the upkeep of the property,” the listing agent wrote.

The buyer has not yet revealed the price.

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