How to spot the house of representatives

The House of Representatives is the parliament, the highest body in Australia, and the home of the legislative branch of government.

The Senate is the lower house of government, and it houses the Senate’s business and government committees.

Here’s everything you need to know about the house.


What is the House of Reps?

The House is made up of members from the House, Senate and other political parties.

Members represent all of Australia’s 50 states and territories, but there are a limited number of senators and representatives.

The House serves as the national body for the nation, and in theory represents the views of all Australians.


How do I know where to go?

To find out where to sit in the House chamber, visit its website or call the Speaker’s Office.

It is located on Parliament House, which is at the centre of Canberra.


Who is the Speaker of the House?

The Speaker of Parliament is the most powerful person in the Senate.

The Speaker is responsible for the direction of the chamber, which has the power to pass bills, and make amendments to the legislation.

Members of the upper house sit on the lower chamber.


What are the rules?

The Senate rules are set by the Senate, which consists of seven senators and five representatives from the Senate and six senators and four representatives from other states and countries.

Members are free to cross state lines to hold the same seat, but any state must have an equal number of members.

The rules also allow senators and their staff to serve in foreign countries and be appointed ambassadors.


What happens in the chamber?

The upper chamber is where most MPs are sworn into office.

Members sit in one of three locations, the front of the house, the back of the parliament or the chamber.

They can choose which location they prefer.

The front of parliament is used for sitting in the middle of the floor.

The back of parliament, which sits behind the Speaker, is used to sit at the end of the room.


What do MPs wear?

Members of Parliament wear a suit of a similar colour to their state, and are allowed to wear a tie.

They are allowed a beard.

Members must also wear a helmet at all times.

Members also have the option of wearing a scarf.


Who sits where in the house?

There are four chambers in the Australian Capital Territory and three in the Northern Territory.

The Upper House sits in the centre, while the Lower House sits at the ends of the Parliament House and the Chamber of Deputies.

The upper house sits at opposite ends of Parliament House.


How many MPs are in the upper chamber?

There currently are 51 Senators and 39 MPs in the Upper House.

Nine Senators are serving in the National Party, while three are serving as independents.


How much money is made in Australia?

Members are paid $270 per year.


Who holds the purse strings?

The purse strings are a group of 20 people who work closely with the Upper and Lower Houses.

They consist of Senators and MPs, and they are appointed by the Speaker.

They do not control the budget.


Who runs the purse?

The Governor-General is the Prime Minister.

He is responsible to the Governor-general for the day-to-day operations of the Senate as well as for the budget and debt management.


Who decides the budget?

The Prime Minister is the budget officer, and he is responsible directly to the Prime Minster.

He sets the budget for the Senate through his budget committee, which meets on a regular basis.


How is the upper and lower houses funded?

The budget is approved by the Prime Ministers Office and Parliament House in Canberra.

It includes measures for infrastructure, infrastructure funding and education.

It also includes funding for the Australian Antarctic Territory and other overseas missions.


What’s the difference between a senator and a representative?

A senator is an elected member of Parliament, whereas a representative is a person appointed by a party to represent a particular political group in the parliament.

A senator can serve in the Lower Chamber of Parliament and a House of Commons member can serve as a member of the Lower and Upper Houses.


What does a ‘Senator’ mean?

A Senator is an individual who is elected by members of the Upper or Lower Houses and is sworn in by the Governor General.

They represent the views and preferences of the members of their party.


What types of things can I say in the senate?

Senators can be elected to all sorts of positions, including the role of Speaker, Minister for Trade and Investment, and Minister for Transport.

Members can also be appointed to the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Commission.


Who appoints MPs?

The current position of the Speaker is that of a member for the time being.

However, a sitting senator may be asked to be sworn in as a Senator.

In this capacity, he or she acts as the Speaker for the entire Senate, and can act as

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