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Bat House, the Bat-themed dance studio from Batgirl, is now in its sixth year and it’s still kicking around, with artists like Batwoman, Batgirl: Night of the Demon and even the show Batgirl returning this year.

But what sets Bat House apart from other dance studios is the amount of talent it has on hand.

There are dozens of dancers, many of whom have appeared in movies and television shows, and they’re all working on the same thing: bringing the bat to life.

“I’ve always been a fan of the bat, because I was a kid growing up, so it’s a little bit different,” says Lacey Sayers, who plays Catwoman.

“The bat is a symbol of justice.

It’s also symbolic of what I’m really about, which is being a badass.

So to be able to see that it can be a symbol for me, it really makes me feel good.”

There are so many bat dancers, Sayers says, that she’s had to change up her routines to fit the room.

“It’s really important to make sure that you’re still bringing something different,” she says.

“Like the Bat House is so different from anything else I’ve done in my career.

I can’t say it’s been my favorite dance studio, but it’s definitely something that I’ve had to go through.”

One of the main reasons Bat House has become so popular is because it’s free, and you can watch it on demand, so there’s no need to buy tickets or pay to see the dancers.

“We are very lucky that we are able to make our own show.

There’s no one that’s able to do this,” says Sayers.

“Our shows have really changed how people watch the shows.

It used to be people would go to the Batcave and see a couple of shows on DVD, and then they’d go see a show on TV.

And now it’s like a whole different thing.”

The studios’ first show was in 2015, and it was a live-action remake of the show The Batman Returns.

The studio has a second, called Bat House 2, coming in 2018, but Bat House 3 was never made.

“Because we had already done two Bat House shows, we had to decide, ‘Why don’t we make a Bat House show?

Why don’t you do a Bathouse show?'” says Sayer.

“There’s so much talent here that we were able to bring in that we didn’t have in the past.

We really wanted to give people something new to look forward to, so we decided to do a new show.”

It’s unclear if Bat House’s second show will be any different, but there are already a few shows already in the works.

“Bat House 2 is going to be very different.

There will be no bat dance on this show,” says Bat House creator and producer David Leitch.

“You’ll have to see to find out.”

Bat House and Bat House: The Movie are already scheduled to debut on Netflix, which has plans to premiere the series this fall.

In addition, Bat House will also debut on Hulu on April 28.

And in 2018 Bat House Dance will debut on the Fox Family channel.

So far, Bat house has only released one DVD: Bat House Live, which premiered in 2014 and was an exclusive premiere for Bat House members.

Bat House HD will debut later this year on Blu-ray, and Bat house is also working on a second DVD, Bat Lady, which will be released on May 14.

There have been so many Bat House episodes on DVD that it’s hard to know where to start, but the studio does have some exclusive episodes on Netflix.

One of them is Bat House Nights, which takes place at Bat House in the summer of 2017.

“That episode is a little more personal and introspective than the ones that we’ve done before, and I think it’s really interesting because you can see the story of the Bat and the Batgirl,” says Leitch, who also wrote and directed the show.

“So the Bat Lady episode is definitely one of the most powerful and unique episodes that we did.

I think that it will really resonate with fans and give a lot of people a reason to see more of Bat House.”

For now, Bat Houses fans are just happy that there’s a show that brings the bat back to life for them.

“To see the bat in the world, to see a world where it’s more than just the bat is amazing,” says Marnie Dufresne, who performs Bat Lady.

“And to see all the people that I can go to and hang out with that have bat hair, I’m very happy to see them back.”

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