The Art of Chinese House Cooking: An Essential Guide to Chinese Cuisine

A year ago, I wrote an essay for The New Yorker about how Chinese house cooking is a great way to incorporate fresh ingredients and textures into a dish.

As I write this post, my Chinese house cook is making me a cup of tea and saying to me, “That’s delicious.” 

My new post, with this particular dish, is also a great example of Chinese house food being an art that is more than just a culinary tool, but an expression of who I am as a chef. 

A year ago I wrote this essay for the New Yorker in which I described how the Chinese way of cooking, known as kam cooking, had a way of giving people something new to do with their time and energy. 

The way that kam is presented in the cookbook is the same way that you might find in a cookbook: the ingredients and the method of cooking them, plus a description of the process that the chef used to get them to their perfect state. 

In the kitchen of a Chinese home, where the owner has a huge pantry of ingredients, there are different ways to prepare different dishes. 

There’s the traditional way of kam, which involves slicing up the vegetables and boiling them until they’re soft and juicy. 

Then there’s the more modern, but more labor-intensive way of making kam. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “kam-chi,” which means “the knife that goes through the vegetable” or “the sharp blade that cuts the skin of the vegetable.” 

The chef uses the knife to cut the skin, and then the chef uses a knife to slice the vegetables, all in the same process. 

You may have heard of kimchi-shi, which means the “little knife” and refers to the way the chef cuts the vegetables. 

One of the best things about kam-shio is that it’s a very labor-efficient process.

The cook simply cuts the vegetable into small pieces, then he carefully dries the skin. 

And there’s also the traditional method of kum-chi, which is to boil the vegetable, then add it to the pot of water and cook it for a long time until the vegetables are tender. 

If you’ve ever been in the kitchen, you’ve probably seen a dish like this: A bowl of soup is poured into a pot of simmering broth, which contains noodles, vegetables, and a few other ingredients. 

As the noodles are cooked, they turn into mush, then when the broth has finished cooking, the noodles begin to soften and become tender.

You might ask yourself, “What does that mean?” 

If a bowl of broth has a high content of water, like 10 percent or more, then the noodles will be very tender, especially if they’ve been boiled a bit longer. 

This is because the water will absorb the nutrients from the noodles, giving them a more firm, thick, and pliable texture. 

It also makes for a more flavorful broth, because the broth will be richer in flavor. 

So, kum is the most commonly used name for the process of kamping-shim, which also means “to make a soup.” 

Kamping-shi is also sometimes called “dumplings.” 

And what does kamping mean?

 The soup, in kamping shi, is not just a bowl or a bowl with noodles.

It’s actually the ingredients that come together. 

When the broth is simmering, the vegetables get cooked.

The noodles are then cooked. 

 When you make kampas, you get a soup that has the same texture, but has a very different flavor.

The broth is not only thick, it’s thick and creamy, with a very light, nutty taste. 

These dishes have become an important part of the cultural repertoire of Chinese families. 

Kampas are a great addition to a traditional family meal.

If you are a chef and you are looking for a great, easy way to introduce your family to a new cuisine, this is the dish that will help you introduce them to your own family.

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