How to get your tickets for the Bloxburg house sale

This is the time of year to buy tickets to the Blixburg house auction.

The house in Bloxburgh is the latest addition to the ever growing list of properties to be sold in Dublin city centre, which is currently in the hands of a family.

The Bloxbergs are the latest owners of the historic house in a Dublin suburb of St. Patrick’s Green, which was built in the 1850s.

The building was owned by the family of John Blox and is one of the most prestigious and expensive in Dublin, according to its official website.

It is a property worth a reported €20 million, and is currently listed on the Dublin Real Estate Board (DREB).

The sale will take place on November 15, with the proceeds going to the family’s charity, the John Blix Foundation, according a press release issued by the BlOXB.

Buyers will need to pay €15,000 for a two-bedroom, three-bathroom house, with a walk-in shower and bathroom.

They will also need to provide a deposit of €10,000.

The Bloxbs are not the only family who are looking to take advantage of this sale.

According to a spokesperson for the DREB, other properties to sell include the Blochmans Estate and the Blozies Estate, as well as the St. Patricks Estate.

Tickets for the house sale are available for €15 per person, with all proceeds going towards the family.

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